A family business for over 30 years

The Vipilodge is owned by the Vollmer-Family. Arthur (*9.3.1930 - 26.12.2012) was the technician, log house builder, hobbyist, entertainer and a gifted storyteller (his sense of humour was irresistible) at the Vipilodge. His wife Maria Vollmer is responsible for the accommodation and accounting matters. Son Ingo takes care of all diving- and outdoor activities, arranges excursions and does the managing of the lodge.

Maria und Ingo Vollmer

Quote from Arthur Vollmer:

My whole life was planned – every month, the whole year. It has to be when you run a company and do business. I also planned my private life. Maria – my wife – was also always integrated into my work (and company). We worked and planned everything together. When I first came to Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1981, I was already planning to change my life. At that time, I said, “Canada, this is my country, this is where I want to live.”

It took me seven years to implement my plan. We sold everything in Germany and built a holiday paradise (VIPILODGE) in the south of Cape Breton Island. I designed and built a holiday resort which provides great peace, convenience and a private atmosphere for our guests.

Living here – on a peninsula – is the ideal example of isolating from the hectic world around us. The log cottages that I built are designed for two people to stay without TV and internet. You enjoy the sounds of nature, the leaves in the wind, the chirping of the birds or the absolute silence of the night.

Slow Down Living – that’s what we do here!