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*9.3.1930   T 26.12.2012
war der Inhaber der VIPI LODGE. Er war der Techniker und Bastler und manchmal der Unterhalter.
Er sprach deutsch, englisch und badisch.
ist für die Küche, Unterkunft und Buchhaltung verantwortlich und ist der„ geheime Chef“.
Sie spricht deutsch u. englisch
garantiert für sichere Tauchgänge, kümmert sich um alle „taucherischen“ Belange und bringt die Taucher an die besten Tauchplätze. Er berät Taucher und Fotografen und arrangiert Exkursionen.
Er spricht englisch, französisch und deutsch.

Arthur´s message

"Everybody must be a little crazy. If you're not a little crazy, you will miss a lot in your life. "

My whole life was organized, each day.... each month....the whole year. It has to be done that way when doing business. Even my private life was planned. Maria, my wife, was involved in my company and worked with me all the time. But when I came to Nova Scotia, Canada, for the first time in 1981 I recognized that I had to change my life plan. I fell in love with this country and knew that it was the place where I needed to live.


It took seven years for my dreams to become a reality.


We sold everything we owned in Germany and built a holiday paradise ( VIPI Lodge ) in the south of Cape Breton Island. I designed and built a lodge that guaranteed the maximum of comfort and privacy for our guests. Being an "Island", Cape Breton would be ideal in separating us from the others in the fast world around us. The cottages are build for two people. They have a CD Player with radio. Or you may pull the plug and enjoy the sounds of nature.


It is so much nicer to enjoy the quiet of the woods and to hear the sounds of the animals amongst us.


So many things we forget to do as we run behind the ghosts of modern living that we tend to overlook the beauty around us. Here in Cape Breton, we offer you a chance to change your life for a little while.


Be creative, play a game, read a book, walk the VIPI trail or just stay in your bed and dream. Here you will find these opportunities. Be our guest .......... come and enjoy our paradise!



“Don´t worry, be happy”

Dear Friends,

Our Arthur left us on Christmas 2012 for anotherparadise. We mourn him, knowing that he will live on in his paradise on earth.No matter whether our guests stayed for a day or several weeks, everyonecarried good memories back home. This was because of Arthur.

He was a gifted story teller and had an irresistiblesense of humor. Unforgettable is the way he would welcome our guests in alittle golf cart which carried a big "Follow Me" plate in the back. Being thepractical soul he was, he thus made sure that our guest's didn´t get lost onthe way to their cabin, and that they started their vacation with a smile ontheir faces.

Who wouldn´t remember the singing fish in therestaurant which performed "Don´t worry, be happy"? Arthur spoke threelanguages - German, English and, originating in the southwestern part ofGermany, his native "badisch". As an engineer by vocation, he was a blessedtinkerer, craftsman, inventor and creator. There is not one single square meterin his paradise, no cabin, no footbridge and pier, and certainly no place inthe house, where he did not lay-on his hands. Always he considered what was tobe done and what could be done better.

Arthur's recipe for a fulfilled life was as simple as itwas ingenious. "It has to be fun", he used to say in "badisch"; "if it is nofun, it makes no sense." Above all, however, he loved to share his dream of hisparadise with others.

With Arthur gone, a chapter in Vollmer´s IslandParadise is closed. We now open a new one and will continue to run his paradiseas he would have done. Arthur was the heart and soul of our lodge. His love fordetails, his generosity and his sympathy for our guests will continue tocharacterize our enterprise.