Welcome to the VIPI Lodge
Cottage vacation in Cape Breton Nova Scotia
Log-house Vacation at
One of the most beautyful places in Canada
Cape Breton - Nova Scotia
At the ocean
Cottage vacation in Cape Breton Nova Scotia
Cape Breton - Nova Scotia
Experience pure nature
Relax in comfort and style
Experience animals in their natural habitat
Go underwater
in Cape Breton - Nova Scotia

These are our Cabins

Each log-house is build with a lot of space to the next, so our guest can enjoy a maximum of privacy in "his own" log-house.

The furnishing

just cosy

All cottages are designed with 2 adults in mind however spare beds can be provided for children under the age of 15. The covered porch lets you enjoy the nature on rainy days, too.

from CD$ 190.00 for 2 nights

There are so many things to do out here! Take a glimpse on a perfect day without the need for a car. 

Enjoy the treat beeing off the Grid! 


What is life, but one grand Adventure


 trekking in Nova Scotia

The are so many trails for trekking next to Janvrins Island.


 Hollydays in Canada, experience nature!

Come and cruise on our 33' motor vessel "TURY" around the Isle Madam.

Definitely a "MUST"

 Cape Breton Highlands nationalpark

The Highland National Perk is only a 2 hour drive away from our lodge, one of the most beautyfull and spectacular nationalparks of Canada.


 at Arrow's wreck for example

Very oftern curous seals comes to see what divers are doing here. This dive site is only 35 minutes boat drive from our wharf with our Cape Islander boat.


 Our "SPA"-area

Our Forest-sauna is ready to use sind Fall 2011. Its hidden in the woods - for maximum privacy.

Bird watching

 watch out for the bold eagle!

Birdwatcher's from around the world come to visit us each year to view many rare and known bird species that call our island home.


 Rent, bring and pick up service

Isle Madame and Cape Breton is a perfect area for cycling. No big hills, wonderful landscape and very little car traffic guarantees great cycling adventure.

"Where to hear so much nothing"