The perfect day …

… on Vollmers Island!

When the perfect day starts at Vipi Lodge …

8:00 am: Breakfast, with Canadian specialties: fresh smoked salmon and “Granberrys”

9:00 am: Departure with the fast RIB (hard hull inflatable boat 7,50m/ 150 hp) . Snorkeling on the Cerberus Rock under the guidance of Ingo the Instructor. Snorkeling in the kelp forest, along with seals that are always present and watch us respectfully. On the way back there is tea with “cookies”. Although the water is not so cold (17 °), the hot tea is good … dolphins accompany our cutter. Just before the jetty we stop at the bird island and observe the huge bird colonies.

12:30: short coffee break in the lodge with other guests. Information is exchanged, useful tips given, laughed and rumgealbert …

13:00: Take over a canoe and instructions for a small canoe tour with hike directly on the island – starting from the lodge. After crossing the small bay in front of the lodge, the canoe is pulled ashore and moored. Now continue on foot, first on a path through the dense forest, then along the beach. On the offshore reef, the seals are lazy and sunning themselves. These are the guys you can hear howling at night, when the wind comes from the south / southwest. Bald eagles must have a nest somewhere, they accompany us constantly, watching us with interest.

As we climb around a rock, we surprise a doe with her boy.

After 3 hours we are back at the canoe and paddling over the bay back to the boathouse.

Shortly into the sea to swim a bit (here in the bay, the water has a pleasant 22 °) then eat a small fainting on the beach, not too much because we still want in the sauna.

17:00 clock: the sauna has 80 ° and we look forward now to sweat and rest. How wonderful it is after our sports program now nothing to do. Lying between the sauna sessions in the quiet house next to the sauna, listening to the forest and dreaming … a little bit too dozing.

20:00: … again Action: Sundowner tour with the fast Festkiel -schlauchboot. At mirror-smooth sea we drive around the wonderful island, past beaches, forests and small islands, stopping here and there to watch eagles, seals and dolphins. On a small dreamlike beach we go ashore and drink our sundowner, watch as the sun sinks into the sea … always a great moment where the world seems to stand still.

Now it is fresh but good that the return trip does not take so much time.

20:30: Together with Ingo we start the campfire and activate the grill, tonight we make barbecue, juicy steaks and a cold beer. Everyone is hungry after the eventful day, everyone is talking about their experiences and adventures. The later it gets, the more adventurous the stories become, campfire romance pure …

The wind is cheap, so we hear the seals we had recently visited.

Let’s see what we do tomorrow, Ingo already had some really exciting ideas.

… or maybe just stay in the cozy log cabin and read a book in peace?

Perfekter Tag Sunset an der Vipi Lodge, Nova Scotia

Back to Earth. The Vipi Lodge makes it possible.

The perfect day in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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