The analog book – an experience

… in a real world!

We have a small library for our guests in the clubhouse!

… lying relaxed in a hammock drinking a good tea and reading an exciting book … in the middle of nature, mentally where else …

The forest sauna is also in the summer a soothing ending after a canoe trip or a snorkel trip, a nice start to an even more beautiful evening …

Relax in the quiet house and listen only to the sounds of the forest …

Take a trip to the underwater world? Under the guidance of our experienced instructor, explore the world under water, meet fish and lobsters, be enchanted by billowing kelp leaves, get to know a new world … feel the element of water, float ….

All equipment can be borrowed from us-

Why not fly a kite again? … become a child again, feel the wind – or just have fun ….

In the rest is so much power, strength can be fueled for everyday life.

Meditation is a way to recharge such energies, to break away, or even to think about something. Alone or under instructions. Outdoors or in the room, during the day or at night …

Lately we offer the possibility to go horseback riding. With a very competent partner near the lodge there is the possibility to book rides or to learn to ride. Traveling on Icelandic ponies with an experienced riding instructor in the Canadian countryside is a wonderful nature experience.

Canoeing and kayaking is the epitome of outdoor activity in Canada. We have a small fleet of different boats, can work out and accompany tours, even for less experienced guests. And if you want to learn to kayak right from the pike, there is the possibility to book a course with a partner nearby.

Directly from the VIPI Lodge wonderful, varied walks can be carried out. Partly very simple, short tours, or even more difficult ones that require a bit of fitness. In any case, an intensive nature experience. Exact descriptions are available in our guesthouses or are given in person.

Unique sunsets, whether at Janvrin’s Point, by boat or canoe or right on our beach, every time different, always enchanting and unique. Alone it is worthwhile to come to us !!!

Take a break – read a book on Janvrins Island.

Urlauber Moritz in Nova Scotia, Perfekter Tag

Vacation time. Read a book on Janvrins Island, Vipi Lodge and relax.

Relax after an exciting day in Canada.

And do not let yourself be bothered.