Nova Scotia - Hikers paradise
Hiking in Nova Scotia


a very special Experience!

Around Janvrin's Island we have many wonderful hiking areas. A drive along the magnificent Cabot Trail, one of the most beautiful and scenic roads in North America, Parks Canada has prepared many trails for all hiking levels. On most trails you will see moose, deer and sometimes then blackbear. To give you an idea of the trails, here are some of our favorites:


The Janvrin's Trail

will guide you around the Island following the coast line in approximately 3.5 hours. It is an easy walk on beaches and rocks at low tide. You will see seals, many sea birds, eagles, white tip deer and much more.


Delorier Peninsula Trail

at the east of Janvrin's Island is a 3 hour hiking tour around a beautiful Peninsula. On one side is the rough Ocean and on the other side the calm inland waters. On this tour you will see seabirds and herons hunting, especially at low tide.


Cape Hogan Trail

starts at the Clearwater fishplant and follows the coastline up to the mackerel Point. It is a difficult trail which goes through thick brush and sometimes over wet terrain. But you will have a beautiful view over the Chedabucto bay and with some luck you can see whales and dolphins out off Cape Hogan.

Observing wildlife in Nova Scotia - sustainable Memories.

Guided Hikes

Cape Breton Trail

Cape Breton Highlands Nationalpark

The Headlands and cliffs of Cape Breton Highland tower over the rich, natural heritage that is all arround.

Home to the famous Cabot Trail, the land is blessed with spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and a

human history that stretches back to the last Ice Age.

The park offers many accessible treasures and experiences

remarkable in their diversity, beauty and wonder.


The Highland National Park is only a 2 hour drive away from our lodge.