Bird observation

Holidays in Canada, nature live!

Birdwatcher's from around the world come to visit us each year to view many rare and known bird species that call our island home. Some watchers have counted more than 100 species of birds in their 2 week stay at VIPI Lodge!


Below is list of some common birds in Cape Breton!


- Common Loon

- Common Eider

- Ruddy Turnstone

- Great Cormorant

- Osprey

- Common Snipe

- Great Blue Heron

- Bald Eagle

- Twelve Different Gulls

- Canada Goose

- American Kestrel

- Ruby Throat Hummingbird

- American Black Duck

- Spuce Grouse

- Woodpeckers

- Mallard

- Spotted Sandpiper

- Blue Jay