Shipwrecks are always spectacular!

Wreck diving at the most beautiful wreck off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Oil tanker Arrow. Wreck diving in Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia

Every diver knows it: Wreck diving is exciting.

Wreck diving is beautiful and something very special.

Wreck dives are often more extreme than simple dives, they should be approached with the due respect.

Whereby the wreck of the Arrow is easy to reach.

Without having to put yourself in danger.

Arrow Wreck Nova Scotia 09

The Arrow – An oil tanker from the legendary Aristotle Onassis fleet

caused one of the first major oil spills on February 2, 1970. Today, thank God, there are no traces of this. Apart from the beautiful rusty wreck, where new life has developed.

The Arrow is part of the most booked dive at Ingo Vollmer’s dive center on Vollmer’s Paradise Island – in the Vipilodge.

As an unforgettable experience, you can take a dive down to the wreck after sunset, because the wreck is only 10 meters deep. At night, the sea changes its rhythm of life and colours.

The 300-metre tanker Arrow broke apart at the time, and so the bow section in Chedabucto Bay and the approximately 150 metre long rear section are located a few hundred metres away at depths up to a maximum of 28 metres.

The Fall of the Arrow in 1970

A video clip on Youtube

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