• Forest sauna Vipilodge

Relax – Vipilodge Wellness in the Canadian Forest

Showers under a tree – a dream.

The Vipilodge has a “forest sauna”.

You go with the times. What the Swedes can do – is just as possible here in Canada.

The cedar wood sauna is cozy and can accommodate at least two people.

With 4 people it gets cuddly, but not too tight.

The sauna is connected to the “rest house” by a platform.

Wrapped in a warm bathrobe (which we provide), you can relax between sauna sessions.

Perfect day in Waldsauna Vipilodge

Fire, Water, Earth & Air | Back to Earth

Be one with nature and the elements.

Forest sauna Vipilodge, rest house

2 - 4 people

Please register your sauna session at the reception in good time. The preheating time is about 2 hours.

Take your time

There is no need for a hurry. Sometimes you fall asleep in the relaxation room – and are only awakened in the morning by the birds.

Relax in Nature

We provide towels. Infusion and aroma – everything there. Come in and relax.

Sauna in the fairytale forest Vipilodge

For well-being.

In the Vipi Forest Sauna you are undisturbed by nature.

Four quiet loungers, each with its own adjustable spotlight.

Exciting books can be found in the clubhouse.

Simply choose an exciting book (and travel at the end of your holiday).

The wind blows quietly through the trees, the squirrel looks curiously by.

In the evening you can hear the seals from the Atlantic.

A view to the sky – the stars – dreamlike.

What could be better than after a long day of experience in Cape Breton to do a few sauna courses and let it go well … a great “SPA” experience!

Fresh bathrobes and sufficient towels are of course provided by us.

Spa Forest Sauna Vipilodge
Forest sauna Vipilodge Wellness
Forest sauna and relaxation house, Vipilodge