• Video Clips Vipilodge, Chedabucto Bay, Janvrin's Island

A small trailer about our Vipilodge

Vipi Video Clip – 1:28 minutes for holiday planning: Vollmer’s Island Paradise.

Dave & Sky visit vipilodge

A great video has been made about Isle Madame and our Vipilodge log cabin.
The drone/air sequences are fantastic!

More about the two adventurers on: https://daveyandsky.com/

Camera Rental | Not the right equipment?

Here in Nova Scotia there is a lot to see and photograph!

We lend professional cameras from NIKON or CADON.

Camera Rental Nikon, Vipi Video Clip

Various lenses such as a 200 tele,

300 fixed focal length telephoto lens or super wide angle.

The whole thing also as underwater equipment, with housing.

Either packed in the Explorer Case or in waterproof backpacks.

Just talk to. Don’t miss a picture!

Good technique – good prices – Ask Ingo Vollmer.

A popular photo session event is our Sundowner Tour.

We have the Lens Ball with us! More info – Click on the picture.

Sundowner Tours Photographing

Janvrin’s Island – Chedabucto Bay

Ingo Vollmer’s Waterworld!
A kick in the photo …
… for entry information to Canada.

Ingo Vollmer, Vipi Video Clip

The Vipi Video Clip about the Vipilodge in Nova Scotia,

Vollmer’s Island Paradise.

More Youtube videos of Ingo Vollmer Vipilodge, MARLIN and UW Pictures

you can find on:

Ingo Vollmer Youtube Channel.

Vipilodge – Vollmer’s Island Paradise in Cape Breton

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The photos from our website are mainly taken from:

Wolfgang Gerth – the Travel Reporter.

The Travel Reporter from Germany, Wolfgang Gerth

video clip vipilodge, Photo Challenge