• Sundowner Tour Vipilodge

Sundowner Tour | A world tour in 2 hours.

Around Janvrin’s Island. That’s Canada.

The bestseller among our additional offers.

We stand for a relaxed and quiet holiday.

But the “highlight” is this tour.

Sometimes at a moderate pace, just stop in a bay to enjoy the silence.

Or give it a real throttle and whip over the waves.

An adventure for the whole family, where children should be at least six years old.

We don’t want to reveal much more now.

Experience the sunset from a completely different perspective.

Sundowen tours – Facing the sun

Sundowner on Janvrin's Island

Speed – With a 150 hp fixed keel inflatable

That’s what I’ve always wanted to do,

say most of those who holiday with us in the Vipilodge.

With a fast boat across the water and always facing the sun.

The summer in Nova Scotia is warm, the evenings mild and the landscapes beautiful.

For photo lovers there are many wonderful motifs for eternity.

Depending on the wind and weather you can see seals or sea eagles.

Large colonies of seagulls and cormorant breeding sites.

Lobsters on the clear seabed are often spotted.

Ingo Vollmer chooses a beautiful route according to the wind.

For each island, he has a true story in stock.

He has been doing his rounds here for over 30 years.

Inflatable Tour Photo Session

Sundowner tours are always arranged individually.

Please ask in good time.

This experience should be judged according to the weather – the sun, the wind and the clouds.

Experience many more adventures on and with the water!

Cormorants at sunset

Water sports – in fresh air is always healthy.

What you can do on the Vipilodge !

A big issue here in Nova Scotia.

Especially during the holidays, Canadians like to come to the water on weekends.

With your boats, or Seadoo’s,these modern jet ski crackers.

These are usually driven by the younger ones – is cool and is a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the engines are so loud that often the birds are driven away from your nesting sites.

Our nature lover Ingo Vollmer is not so enthusiastic about this, not amused.

That’s why the Vipilodge does not have such fun equipment in the boathouse.

Here, water sports are carried out with muscle power.

This is fun, keeps fit and healthy. And nature does not suffer.

Photo Tours with Ingo Vollmer, Nova Scotia

SUP, kayak – rowing or paddling.

Of course, the Vipilodge also has Trendsport devices in rental.

StandUp Paddling, for example.

Here in the bay you can practice this wonderfully, if you have never been on a board.

StandUp Paddling Board Rental

The classic, how should it be different in Canada – the canoe.

You feel like the last Mohican when you stab the paddle into the water for the first time.

Or how about a romantic rowing tour, for two?

Just stop by the boathouse and see which water sports equipment is offered for rent.

PS: The rental fees are pleasant, but the equipment in the top condition, because there is no mass tourism here.

Canoeing for two

Water Fun at the Beach.

In fact, there are surfers in Nova Scotia.

At the beach of Point Micheau there is a lot going on in the summer.

A beach with “Baywatch” lifeguard surveillance.

This beach is about 15 minutes from St. Peters.

From the Vipilodge to St. Peters it is less than 35 minutes.

Beach Point Michaud

The surfboards, waterboards etc. are available in the boathouse.

Just tell us if you want to go there yourself,

or whether we organize an impromptu Water Fun Tour with several.

guided canoe tour, Ingo Vollmer

Canoeing on the River

Nova Scotia has many great rivers and magnificent landscapes

Rafting tours are a popular tourist attraction in the Bay of Fundy, north of Halifax.

Here in Cape Breton you can go by canoe on the Lower River Inhabitants.

Such guided tours can also be booked from the Vipilodge.

With the Ford 150 pickup it goes about 30 minutes to a nice place. You can choose how long you want to paddle down the river by canoe.

Usually you row for at least 1.5 hours – but also 2 to 2.5 hours are no problem.

It’s best to talk to Ingo Vollmer – Plan tour – have fun …

Canoe Rides Lower River Inhabitants