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The Trendsport Art SUV Standup Paddling

For the holiday fun you can go in the Vipilodge wonderfulwith the SUP on the water.

Stand Up paddles teach you how to balance, get strength and stamina!

Actually, the Hawaiians invented standup paddling. This mode of transport originates from Hawaii and is also called Ku Hoe He’e Nalu.
At that time it was used as a means of transport to get from one island to another.
Actually, this sport is very simple, because you stand on a longboard and move on with a special paddle.
You can move forward relatively quickly, because the SUP are longer and wider than the well-known surfboards.

Stand Up Paddle is a sport for everyone, no matter what age or weight.

You can also ride waves or experience action in the white water.
Thus, the pure pleasure is not long in coming.
The experience of success on the board is fast.
Standup Paddling Ingo Vollmer

Fun in Cape Breton. Standup Paddling in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Rent per day = CAD $25,- per SUP Paddle Board

Per week = CAD s 75,- per SUP Paddle Board

2 Boards = CAD 100,- 2 SUP Paddle Boards

The holiday fun during your log cabin holidays.

Fun with standup paddles, Cape Breton, Canada.

Nova Scotia. Attractive rental prices.