• Sunday walk in Sherbrooke Village

Back to 1867 – Sherbrooke Village

… on the Southcoast in Nova Scotia.

Back to the future from 1867 to Sherbrooke Village.

… While today’s youth believe that we tell them fairy tales when we talk about wired phones – and that the Internet didn’t exist before , it’s all the more amazing how progressive people were 152 years ago!

To get an idea of what it was like then – you just drive to “Sherbrooke”, Nova Scotia, East Shore – and visit Sherbrooke Village.

Unlike Fortress Louisbourg, which has been restored for more than 25 million dollars, the houses in Sherbrooke are still in their original condition and so on.

Wood has a shelf life of at least 200 years if you care for it well.

An ingenious concept: 50 of the houses are “private” – there live the people who show visitors life in the other houses (26 houses) in the high season: in original clothes, with original tools, in entertainment also with the knowledge of 1867 !

This means that if you look at the doctor’s house, for example, you will be welcomed by the nurse – who tells you that the Doc is not in the house right now, he is currently on the road in the country, on a farm – to help with a birth.

If you look at the post office and the Telegraph Office (that would be my favourite workplace there) … then nothing is shown, because of course the old technology no longer works.

But the “staff” is sitting there !

In original clothes – and there is a sign on the door – “Currently no service – lunch break”.

Others have more strenuous crafts, which are shown live there:

Hoofsmiths, carpentry, boatyards, weaving, carpentry, colonial goods sale, etc…

There is a school and a courthouse and even a prison !

… And even then – the courtroom is bigger than the whole school …

Sherbrooke Village – they could do something – used to !!!

PS: The entrance is uniform like everything in Nova Scotia – again around 14,- dollars per person.

Any historical site or attraction with admission – the prices are all the same.

You should take at least two to three hours to visit Sherbrooke Village.

Info, opening hours and prices: on the official website of Sherbrooke Village (just click on the next picture).

Door sign Sherbrooke Village

The small village of Sherbrooke Village on the St. Mary River.

25 historic buildings as a kind of open-air museum.

With blacksmith, pharmacy, carpenter and post office.

Almost as beautiful as the Cabot Trail.

Route 16 – Off to Guysborough & Canso —>

Route 16 The road to Canso