• Read book, Rex slow down living

The analog book – an experience …

… in a real world of the 21st century!

We have a small library for our guests in the clubhouse!

You can relax in a hammock lying down to drink a good tea while having a good tea and read an exciting book, in the middle of nature, mentally where else. Enjoy your holiday time properly.

The forest sauna is also a soothing conclusion in summer after a canoe trip or a snorkeling trip, a nice start to an even more beautiful evening.

Relax in the quiet house and just listen to the sounds of the forest.

Dare to take a trip to the underwater world? Under the guidance of our experienced diving instructor, exploring the underwater world, meeting fish and lobsters, being enchanted by swaying kelp leaves, getting to know a new world… feel the element of water, let yourself be driven.

All equipment can be rented from us-

Why not let a dragon rise again? .. become a child again, feel the wind – or just have fun.

In the peace lies so much strength,power can be refueled for everyday life.

Meditation is a way to charge such energies, to dissolve themselves, or even to think very intensively about something. Alone or under guidance. Outdoors or in the room, during the day or at night…

Recently we offer the possibility of riding. With a very competent partner near the lodge there is the possibility to book horseback riding, or to learn horseback riding. Travelling on Island ponies with an experienced riding instructor in Canadian nature is a wonderful nature experience.

Canoeing and kayaking is the epitome of outdoor activities in Canada. We have a small fleet of different boats, can work out and accompany tours, even for less experienced guests. And if you want to learn kayaking from the “Pike” on the right, there is the possibility to book a right course with a partner nearby.

Wonderful, varied hikes can be carried out directly from the VIPI Lodge. Partly very simple, short tours, or even a little more difficult ones that require a bit of fitness. In any case, however, an intense experience of nature. Exact descriptions are available in our guest houses or are given personally.

Unique sunsets, whether at Janvrin’s Point, by boat or canoe or directly on our beach, each time different, every time enchanting and unique. For this alone, it is worth coming to us!

by Moritz, A Perfect Day

Holiday season. Read a book on Janvrins Island, Vipilodge and Ruh Dich.

Relax after an exciting day in Canada.

And don’t be bothered.

Rest yourself, read a book