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Photo Gallery Ingo Vollmer Photography

Professional photographer Ingo Vollmer from Vipilodge, Nova Scotia

and owner of www.marlin.de, the shop for professional photo accessories…

… such as underwater housing, underwater lighting or outdoor accessories, it is on the road worldwide.

On the hunt for the perfect photo.

Impressive photos – Underwater, wildlife or expeditions to Newfoundland.

Take a look …

Experience photography with our guests of the Vipilodge

UW camera housing, underwater equipment at Marlin, since 1979

Transport case, accessories for outdoor sports, UW case for smartphones and more.

MARLIN UW Sport Devices, Online Shop

Explorer Cases Sales Germany, Marlin - Ingo Vollmer

This is just a small selection of pictures by Ingo Vollmer Photography.

Adventure, Nature & Wildlife, Underwater Expedititons.

Travel experiences from Canada, Newfoundland and Newfoundland, worldwide.

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