• Hiking in Cape Breton

Hiking in Cape Breton – Nova Scotia

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Hiking in Canada is a very special experience !

Around Janvrin’s Island we have many hiking trails. Here are some examples of such trails:

Janvrin’s Trail

The Janvrin’s Trail takes you around the island in about 3.5 hours. It goes over sandy and rocky beaches, some sections only at low water.

You can see seals, many seabirds, bald eagles, white-tailed deer and much more.

Janvrin's Trail, Trail

Delorier Peninsula Trail

The Delorier Peninsula Trail – To the east of Janvrin’s Island is a 3-hour hiking trail around the beautiful peninsula.

On one side is the rough Atlantic, on the other hand is calmed water.

Here you can see many seabirds, seals and secluded beaches.

Delorier Peninsula Trail, Hiking Trail

Hiking in Port Hawkesbury

The main shopping city in our region. It is not particularly beautiful and attractive.

An industrial city, just functional and important for the region.

The main employers are the quarry and the most modern paper mill in Canada.

But since 2019, something has been happening.

The hiking trails were modernized and partly redesigned.

And so the pleasant can be combined with the useful quite nice.

2 hours hiking, on the Maple Trail and Hemlock Trail,then go shopping for a few hours.

Port Hawkesbury Trails, Maple Trail, Hemlock Trail

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Hiking Cape Breton | Hiking in Nova Scotia.

Trails such as the Janvrin’s Trail, Delorier Peninsula Trail, Cape Hogan Trail.

Animal watching in Nova Scotia

… a very special experience.

Guided hikes at Cabot Trail Cape Breton National Park

A ride on the enchanting “Cabot Trail” – one of the most beautiful roads in North America – is a must!

Here, “Parks Canada” has created hiking trails for all levels of difficulty.

On most it is possible to see moose, deer and even black bears.

We are happy to advise and give interesting tips.

For these hiking trails there are maps from us or at the entrance to the park.

Guided excursion to Cape Breton National Park (Cabot Trail)

Very early we drive to the Cape Breton National Park (Highlands). At dawn we observe moose in selected places. Afterwards we go for breakfast to strengthen ourselves for the hike.

Afterwards we will accompany you on the beautiful hiking trails of the Highlands. Also there we often find moose, deer, deer, partridges, foxes, squirrels or even foxes.

With a little luck you can even observe the shy black bear.

Moose at Benjis Lake

More information about Cape Breton Highlands National Park

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Cape Breton Highlands N.P.

Another excursion tip: Life as in the 18th century.

Fort Louisbourg, north of Sydney.

If you’re in Cape Breton, make a detour to this historic fortress, it’s worth it.