• Guysborough, Canso, Yacht Harbour

Canso Causeway to Guysborough

Canso – famous for its annual Stan Rogers Folk Festival in August.

From the Vipilodge to the easternmost port of Nova Scotia.

If you spend your holidays with us in the Vipilodge, you will arrive on arrival via the Canso Causeway.

When it comes to excursion recommendations, the word “Canso” is used again and again.

One of Cape Breton’s most famous songwriters – Bruce Guthro – often mentions it at his concerts:

Canso Causeway – is not the Canso !

What he means by that, we find out quickly – off to the Route 16 !

Route 16 The road to Canso

Route 16 – almost as beautiful as the Cabot Trail.

Nova Scotia is beautiful – everywhere. But there are roads & routes with the certain extra.

For example, Route 16. By the way, you can also drive this route if you want to go to Sherbrooke.

From the Vipilodge you can see the Canso on the horizon. By boat – you would be there in 20 minutes. By car around the bay – it takes you already 2 hours.

Let’s have your legs represented briefly ? No problem – just pay attention to the “green signs” and stop at Shepherd Lake. A small romantic lake, the trail is not long, maybe 500 meters – you will be rewarded with a beautiful view. Parking benches are available. Everything as always nice and well maintained.

Afterwards we continue to Guysborough.

A small town with nice historic buildings and a brick post office, which is rather unusual here in Nova Scotia.

At the latest here in Guysborough it is time for a coffee in a bakery. This one is even “Full licensed”. A bakery with beer counter, an antiques shop – and on the 1st floor – a Christmas shop – all year round.

Afterwards we continue to the Canso – Home of Stan Rogers Folk Festival

canso, stan rogers folk festival

Stan Rogers Folk Festival and Canso Island.

Once you arrive at the Canso, you are at the easternmost point of Cape Breton.

Continue only by boat – on to the Canso Island Historic Site.

Once a year, everything here is booked out well in advance – in mid-August the biggest songwriter festival of Nova Scotia starts here:

Stan Rogers Folk Festival . stan rogers festival, Songwriter Folk Festival

A must for music fans – but when planning to make a timely reservation for cottage, campground and tickets.

Please click on the logo – there you can go to the official website “Sanfest”.

The official website of Canso Island Historic Sites

– accessible by clicking on the image.

Canso Islands

On the west bank of Chedabucto Bay you come to Guysborough.

A nice route along Route 16.

Guysborough County in Nova Scotia is definitely worth seeing.

Who has planned his day tour well –

could also turn left to Sherbrooke —>

Door sign Sherbrooke Village