• The cannons of Fortress Louisbourg

From Sydney to the past – Fortress Louisbourg

… about 45 km north of Sydney.

Fortress Louisbourg – a historic site worth seeing.

Nova Scotia’s oldest fortress has been painstakingly restored for more than 25 million dollars.

Construction is still ongoing, but the site is huge.

You can stay there for over 4 hours – and still don’t see everything.

From the military parade followed by the firing of the big cannons to baking bread according to old tradition and recipe, life is shown to the visitor by the amateur actors in the clothes of the 18th century.

It is astonishing how man lived before the invention of electricity – and what he did.

Messages have taken up to half a year – today there are special messages and the hotlines are running hot when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are unavailable for 2 hours !

Some people think about it for a moment:

When and in what time would I have preferred to live?

The National Historic Site is owned by Fortress Louisbourg.

A partially reconstructed 18th-century French fortress town, near Sydney.

Click on the official website of Fort of Louisbourg.

Fortress of Louisbourg, near Sydney

Luisbourg Railway Station | Lighthouse & Cemetery.

On the way back you should stop at the train station in Louisbourg.

This is a museum, because no train has been running here since 1906.

Beautiful old machines are rotting here. The decay can no longer be stopped.

But worth seeing !

Lighthouse & Cemetery

Of course, like any city on the coast in Nova Scotia, Louisbourg also has a lighthouse.

That’s nicely on top of the cliffs. Magnificent view …

Near the fort is a small trail, you pass a beautiful cemetery.

Admittedly, cemeteries are not for everyone,

but here in Canada there is no cemetery order.

That’s why every community has at least one cemetery.

Many can also be buried on their own property.

Funeral according to request: the sailor with a view to the sea.

The forest worker has the forest in front of him – forever.

Impressive when you look at the tombstones.

They tell whole stories.

Louisbourg Cemetery

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