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Entry Conditions Canada

The first time on the way to Nova Scotia ?

Canada: For all nationals from countries without visa requirements

must obtain an online-based travel permit for all departures from 15 March 2016 in good time before the start of the trip. The “electronic travel authorization” (eTA) must be applied for by every traveller, including children, from a country without a visa requirement under https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta/apply.html. We recommend that you complete your application up to 72 hours before departure. In the case of subsequent applications, the Canadian authorities can no longer guarantee that the application will be processed in due time. The cost is CAD 7 per person. The “eTA” is valid for 5 years.

Please note that incorrect or incomplete information on the eTA registration will result in the exclusion of carriage.

We recommend that you only use the official link of the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for registration.

A valid passport is required for the application,

an email address and a credit card to pay the fee.

Please note that the online form for applying for eTA travel permits is currently only available in English or French. For instructions in German, the Canadian authorities have provided the following instructions.

The ETA application is subject to a fee of 7.00 Canadian Dollars (CAD) by the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The fee for the electronic travel permit application must be paid by credit card. The eTA system currently accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or American Express. If you reapply for your passport within the five-year validity of an existing eTA application, you will need to fill out a new paid form. Within the five-year validity, the travel permit granted is valid for unlimited entries.

After your application, you will receive an e-mail with your eTA status, which you can check online at any time.

The status of your eTA registration will be checked at check-in. Please note that we can only accept guests with the status “eTA OK” for check-in and the information stored in the eTA system is decisive for the assessment. Guests with a status other than “eTA OK” are unfortunately excluded from transportation. Please also note that a successful eTA registration does not guarantee entry permit for Canada. The decision to allow or refuse entry is still a matter for the Canadian Immigration Department at the destination airport. Guests who receive “eTA NOT OK” status when registering are kindly requested to contact the Canadian Embassy or a Canadian Consulate.

General security measures have been tightened to protect against terrorist attacks. Time-consuming checks are therefore increasingly expected when entering Canada and on intra-Canadian flights. Therefore, you should make sure that you carry all the documents you need for entry and onward travel.

Best Time to Travel | Best weather

Power, Energy & Shopping.


In North America there are only 110 volt connections adapters should be brought with you, as long as the devices also work with 110 volts (in all houses there is a hair dryer for this reason). In our dive center we also have 220 volt connections for European chargers.


The houses have electric heating that can be controlled by a thermostat. The costs are billed according to consumption (our cost price)


The nearest major city is Sydney (1.5 hrs drive), Anitgonish (1 hr drive) Port Hawesbury (30 min drive) Arichat (15 min drive) is the nearest place with supermarket, doctor and pharmacy, hairdresser, laundry, gas station and post office.

Travel time:

Mid-June to mid-October.

Every time has its own special charms: June is still a bit cool, therefore very good for hiking. In July/August it is warm, in August the water is also relatively warm. September offers beautiful late summer atmospheres. In October you can enjoy the Indian Summer.

The colors of the trees are intoxicating!

Who comes to visit us when?

What’s to be noted?

  • from June / July

    In early summer

    Birdwatchers – before the trees have their full leaf dress and the birds are better visible.

    There are about 350 different bird species here, a list is available.

    Hikers, cyclists (low traffic density makes biking very pleasant.) the highest elevation in Cape Breton is about 550 mtr. A ride on the Cabot Trail (coastal road is a fantastic experience)

  • from July / August

    In summer

    Hikers, also secluded beaches invite you to hike.

    Water sports: diving canoeing, boating, paddling, swimming.

    from July / August

  • from September / October

    In autumn

    Photographers – autumn shows the trees in the most beautiful colors (Indian Summer).

    Birdwatchers, bikers, divers, hikers now get to see the most beautiful landscapes.

  • Suitcase

    This should not be missing in your luggage

    sturdy shoes, sweater/fleece, windbreaker.

    Also rain jacket, swimwear, sunscreen, autan.

    The ball gown and the boots can stay at home.

    Also jacket and tie are not necessary…


  • Driving a car

    The driver’s license

    The German or European driving licence

    is accepted by tourists. An international driving licence is not necessary.

  • Money


    Cash (Canadian dollars).

    These can be obtained from the banks with Maestro signs at the ATMs with the DEBIT card plus PIN just as in Germany.

    We also accept Travellerschecks, Visa or Mastercard.

    Due to the high fees, we prefer to pay with Traveller cheques.


  • Inch

    What can go on the journey ?

    You can bring per person:

    1.5 ltr. Wine or 1.14 Ltr. spirits or 8.5 Ltr. Beer.

    food, provided they are packaged. No fruit, no fresh stuff.

    Anything that could be seen as “seed” in any form must not be introduced under any circumstances.

    Bring-along up to CD-60,00 per gift.

  • Control

    How much does it cost?

    In Nova Scotia, 15 taxes are levied on all items.

    Caution: prices are always shown net.

    You still have to add the tax.


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Halifax, Waterfront in the evening

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