• Food and Drinks, Cooking in the Vipilodge

Food and Drink | Holidays in Canada – pure nature!

Combined with culinary peculiarities!

The kitchen in each Vipilodge log cabin is fully furnished,

so that our guests can cook for themselves and enjoy the evening after an exciting day.

Some people will say: Cook on holiday? – I want to go on holiday – I’m going to eat!

You will quickly get to know the Canadian structures and paths.

The paths here are long, not all restaurants are “fully licensed”, which means:

there is not a cool beer or a glass of red wine in every restaurant.

In addition, you should drive as little as possible here in the dark.

No one wants to make acquaintance with a moose or deer on the streets.

But whether you want to cook or eat yourself,

here is a small overview – Shopping & Restaurants:

The nearest supermarket (COOP) and drinks shop (NSLC) in Arichat is about 25 minutes drive from the Vipilodge.

Coop in Arichat on Isle Madame, Supermarket

COOP is mainly found in the French regions, as here on Isle Madame.

The supermarket principle we know from Germany. However, there are no price battles here.

Prices are almost identical in all markets.

The offers differ only slightly. It is almost not worth driving from one supermarket to another, as with us. The fuel consumption is higher than the possible saving.

What is Rewe & Edeka with us, that is here “Sobeys” or “Atlantic Superstore “.

In Port Hawkesbury there are all these shops, and also “Walmart”, “Giant Tiger” or the “Dollarshops”.

NSLC: here you get alcohol, red wine and beer.

For orientation:

A can of beer costs from CAD $ 3.90 to CAD $ 6.90.

Pay attention to the staggered prices and offers. There is a lot to be saved.

The Canadian beer cans have fantastic designs. There are also “cyclists”.

Please be careful: some beers have over 5%, 6.5% or even 8% …

A lot of emphasis is placed on organic beers. “BIO” means “Organic”here !

Beer, Beer IPA

A bottle of red wine or white wine 0.7 is available from $12.00.

Wines in 3 to 4 liters of containers are also available, as the litre costs between CAD $ 10,- & CAD $ 15,-.

The Nova Scotia wines are unfortunately the most expensive.

But there are wines from all the nations of the world.

Austalia Wine, Wallaroo Trail

High-percentage alcohol such as whisky, gin or vodka is extremely expensive in Canada!

Please make sure not to carry any open alcoholic beverages in the car,neither in the driver’s compartment, on the back seat nor in the trunk!
This could cost them their driving licence in the event of (a rather unlikely) vehicle inspection. Canada has very tough laws!

Are you a smoker? Did you know?

A box of cigarettes (25 pieces) costs around CAD $ 21,00 !

Of course, 15 taxes (taxes) are added to all the prices mentioned above.

Food and Drink, Nova Scotia

Isle Madame | Restaurants & Coffee Shops.

In Arichat (approx. 25 minutes drive) there is a pizzeria, food also to take away, as well as various local restaurants, coffee shops or fish restaurants.

Very popular is the “La Goelette” – the coffee shop, where there are also great lunch offers – and above all free Wi-Fi.

This is where the Vipilodge team goes very often. Just like that. We are so enthusiastic about the concept and the quality that we have added a flyer in the information folder in each log cabin.

La Goelette on Isle Madame, Arichat

Directly opposite is a great fish shop.

Sitting outside in summer – and enjoying fresh fish at lunchtime – is wonderful.

A very good restaurant, which Bras D’ Or Lake Inn, with international cuisine is located in St. Peters (about 35 minutes drive).

In Louisdale (about 15 minutes) you will find the” Seal Cove Restaurant & Lounge “.

Port Hawkesbury (approx. 45 minutes) has the “Country Kitchen” to offer – at the Hearthstone Inn or the “Miller’s Seafood & Chophouse” on Reeves Street.

Our gazebo on the beach is equipped with a large gas grill, which is available to our guests.

Sometimes the guests meet and spontaneously organize a barbecue.

More information about shopping – on our article about Cape Breton —>

Enjoy the Canada log cabin holidays.

Food and drink, cooking in the Vipilodge kitchen.

Nova Scotia, Restaurant Tips Isle Madame, Arichat.

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