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Canada Diving Expeditions with Ingo Vollmer

Expeditions to Vancouver Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

One of the last adventure playgrounds for divers!

Book your challenge on the Pacific or the Atlantic with Ingo Vollmer:

  • Expedition to Vancouver Island, not only for divers… The Pacific Dive Adventure Program (February/March).
  • Newfoundland / Labrador Challenge … The Atlantic Dive Adventure program for divers, kayakers, photographers and hikers (end of June/early July).

For 15 years, Ingo Vollmer has been organizing expeditions from Cape Breton to Newfoundland and Labrador.

The exclusive tours (max.4 Participants, or 8 then 2 teams) lead to the most exciting and remote corners of the Atlantic provinces in Canada.

Depending on the area of interest, the tours are individually arranged and elaborated, whether hikers, paddlers, nature photographers/filmmakers or divers.

The equipment for the individual tours is provided.

Each participant receives sufficiently waterproof transport cases and bags to ensure that the equipment is optimally protected.

On some tours, accommodation is available in Bed & Breakfast, while tents are available for accommodation in some destinations.

Tours start at VIPI Lodge, Cape Breton.

A large truck (Ford F150 Club Cab) that offers a lot of space for 5 adults (1 driver, 4 guests) is attached to a large keel hose boat (7.5 m – 150 hp) if required.

Fully equipped with chartplotter, GPS, digital radio, sonar, Canadian Coast Guard certified.

You can take your own kayaks (on a special frame).

Several Klepper folding boats are also available. A diving expedition that you should have “made once”.

Iceberg diving Newfoundland

Especially for photographers and filmmakers, these tours are interesting,

unique nature motifs such as whales, icebergs, different seabirds, seals and of course breathtaking landscapes.

Due to the extremely small groups, the participants can determine for themselves what is done.

We advise and explain the possibilities of the individual goals and change the wishes only with regard to safety (weather, sea, etc.)

Ingo has been a diving instructor since 1979 and has therefore naturally specialized in the special wishes of divers. At the lodge’s own dive center Marlin Diving Enterprise Inc. a complete diving infrastructure is available to the divers.

The interesting thing for divers is that most diving areas are still completely new territory in terms of diving.

There are gigantic wrecks, encounters with whales, dives on icebergs and, of course, an exotic Marine Life to discover.

The expeditions start in June and end in October.

Dates are arranged individually. Depending on the tour, 12 days of expedition cost between 3,500 and 4,800 CAN PER person, from VIPI Lodge or from Halifax International Airport.

Diving Expeditions Ingo Vollmer, Canada

Ingo Vollmer moves to Newfoundland from time to time.

MARLIN UW Sport Devices, Online ShopTesting new technology under the most extreme conditions.

For his company MARLIN UW Sport Devices and sales of Explorer Cases, as well as outdoor and UW photography equipment, all the new products on the market are on the topic of diving and underwater photography are scrutinized.

As a passionate diver, he tests where you are not disturbed.

Icebergs underwater photography in Newfoundland – Wow !

This is pretty much the last adventure that most divers still lack.

If you’ve always wanted to do something like this, but don’t know how to do it:

At least one expedition is planned each year.

Ingo Vollmer Newfoundland Expeditions

In a small group of people of a maximum of six people, approx. 5 to 7 days.

Starting point: Vipilodge, Nova Scotia.

For more information it is worth contacting Ingo Vollmer by e-mail : ingo.vollmer@marlin.de

Book your exclusive diving expeditions to Newfoundland and Newfoundland

and Labrador with Ingo Vollmer.

Experience the last adventure places of this earth up close.

The TOP Newfoundland Team has been on the map for many years

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