• Sydney Cruise Ship

From St. Peters via Sydney to Cabot Trail

… right along Bras D’Or Lake.

If you drive this route, you’re going to get to Sydney

through the small town of St. Peters – depending on when you left: the first coffee stop at Tim Hortons ?

We report about St. Peters in another article, you can go to this small town again and again. There is a lock that connects Bras D’Or Lake with the Atlantic Ocean and also a beautiful park and trail for hiking.

Now we drive on the right side of Bras D’Or Lake – a visually beautiful route. At some point there is a great camping ground, in Ben Eonin. There is also a very modern golf club nearby. Then you’re almost in Sydney.

Again, you can actually spend several hours in Sydney.

It is definitely a day trip if you combine the whole thing with a visit to Fortress Louisbourg, about 45 km north of Sydney.

Otherwise, just take the highway via North Sydney past the Ferry to Newfoundland – turn left to Cabot Trail. You then come over this pretty green arch bridge.

Access to Cabot Trail, Baddeck to Sydney

If you want to see Sydney, take the descent to King Street,

it then seamlessly transitions to the “Esplanade”. Already you are on the Sydney River and come directly to the cruise terminal.

In addition to Halifax, Sydney is the second port to be approached by cruise ships.

Up here, however, you can see the ships much better than in Halifax.

If you turn to the “Esplanade”, you can already see in the distance whether a ship has laid out or not.

By the way, here is a website: https://www.sydneyport.ca/cruise/schedule/,

Via this page you can find out which ship arrives and when and then plan your trip to Sydney. Ideal for hobby photographers. From May to October, one of these giants arrives almost daily.

There stands the big Fidle and welcomes the arriving cruise ships with their thousands of tourists on board – from all over the world.

Sydney is one of the few cities with parking meters ! – There are not many of them in Nova Scotia.

But down on the waterfront there is plenty of parking – free of charge. You get almost to the cruise port.

The downtown should be looked at, and if you want to go to the Cabot Trail, you’ll still come through North Sydney.

The small old harbour road is quite nice to look at, but unfortunately not much more going on – in this area.

Sydney Cruise Ship

Cruise Terminal Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The 15-metres-high giant fiddle in front of the Joan Harris Cruise Pavilion is a reminder of Scottish immigrants.

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