• Interior, Vipilodge log houses

Cottages interior – This is what it looks like in the log cabin.

In the kitchen and toilet everything is OK.

Almost like at home – romantic mountain huts feeling.

Each log cabin has the typical Canadian wardrobe in addition to the bedroom with double or single beds.

Cottages Interior – If you are travelling with a child, there is enough space for an extra bed.

If you want to bring your partner’s coffee to bed in the morning:

the small kitchen is equipped with all the utensils you need – not only – to cook coffee.

An electric stove,pots, pans, plates & dishes for dinner – all there.

Cottages interior, kitchen in log cabin

Cottages Interior – In addition to a dining table with 4 chairs.

If you need more space:

for the table there is an insert plate, then you have enough space to play cards.

Cottages interior, dining area in log cabin

Games and books can be borrowed free of charge.

There are a lot of things in the Club House.

Nice weather – and you want to have a barbecue ? Here we call it the barbecue.

No problem, this is also possible:

Directly on the water we have a pavilion with space for 12 people.

There is a large gas grill for free, you simply tune in.

You can also rent cool boxes from us for picnics, hikes, etc.

Just ask us if something is missing.

We are happy to help out.

All wood – all real !

Natural and rustically beautiful.

It is important to us that you sleep healthily and calmly.

The Vipilodge is not a mass tourism lodge. When we are fully booked, share a 126,000 square meter area with a maximum of 12 guests.

Guests often complain about the quality of beds in other accommodations. Some flee there before checking in !

You can be reassured: orthopaedic mattresses ensure a pleasant night’s sleep.

The natural wood quickly stores the heat and retains it.

Conversely, it also keeps the heat from the outside.

You just feel comfortable.

Bedroom Vipilodge

comfort where it is urgently needed.

The windows have all mosquito nets, so you can sleep even with open windows and enjoy the fresh air to the full.

You will love to be awakened in summer the nocturnal silence and in the morning by the birds.

Vipilodge Bedroom King Size Bed, Cottages Interior

Sometimes a squirrel turns from tree to tree and plays the wake-up call.

On the covered terrace you can also sit in the rain and enjoy the nature.

Slow – Down – Living !

The bathroom

Equipped with shower and toilet.

If you’ve ever been to Canada, the showers look similar everywhere.

Canadian style and extremely practical.

Bathroom in the log cabin

By the way: The water here comes from an 80 meter deep well and does not need to be treated or filtered.

We are obliged to give water samples several times a year so that everything is in order.

The Vipilodge fountains have excellent water quality.

We are also exemplary when it comes to “disposal”. We have the most modern and elaborate water treatment plant on the whole island.

We attach great importance to this, because the Vipilodge family lives here all year round.

Towels are available.

If they aren’t enough, just ask.

The red A4 Info Folder !

In each house there is a red folder. – The guide to a relaxing holiday with lots of tips !

But we also have a few regulations:

Waste separation – very strict here in Canada.

Our offers for water sports.

Information about the forest sauna.

Offers for divers or the Sundowner Tour.

Red info folder, holiday info Vipilodge

Just once read everything through – and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Unfortunately, what we have to ban you is smoking in the house.

Out of consideration for the following guests.

Thank you very much.

PS: When you check in, we take you to your log cabin and give you a little briefing.

You will definitely find your way around quickly.