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Nova Scotia | Cape Breton Highlands N.P.

An absolute “must” is a visit to Cape Breton Highlland National Park.

Cape Breton Highland National Park is located in the north of the island.

About 2 hours’ drive from VIPI Lodge is one of the most beautiful and spectacular national parks in Canada.

Visit deep canyons, steep coasts, dense forests, clear salmon rivers. A still intact nature guarantees unique impressions.

The Cabot Trail, which runs through the entire park, is rightly described as the most beautiful coastal road in North America.

In the park itself there are hiking trails of various levels of difficulty, from wheelchair-accessible to more challenging trails with up to 450 meters of altitude difference, everything is represented.

On the hiking tours we offer, elk are (almost) always seen.

In the park there are also black bears, foxes and coyotes. A total of 40 different mammals live in and around the Highlands.

Whale Watching Pleasant Bay

If you come to Canada to go on holiday,

can’t get around Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, Canada. An experience.

By the way:

Nova Scotia is famous for its lobster !

This delicacy is available all over Nova Scotia all year round, at very moderate prices, freshly caught seafood.

Seafood Lobster Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island

If you want to plan from home, here is the official website of the Cabot Trail:


How do I get from the Vipilodge to the Cabot Trail ?

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Beavers - Cape Breton National Park