• Canoe Tour Lower River Inhabitants

River Canoe Tour – Lower River Inhabitants

Like the last Mohican.

Canoe and kayak tours on the river.

Who doesn’t know them, the movies from his youth – Winnetou or leather stocking.

Elegantly, the Trappers & Indians paddled along the river.

Pure adventure – we can do that too.

However, without feathers in the hair !

For the canoe tour we always need two vehicles.

The pick-up from Ingo – and an “accompanying vehicle”.

This is then deployed at the destination.

Somehow we have to get to the starting place.

Unless – one of them rowing the track back.

Canoe Tour 2 Vehicles

The journey time to Lower River Inhabitants takes about 25 minutes.

We determine the route on the water beforehand:

2 km, 5 km or even 10 km ?

It depends on the wind and your own fitness.

We take into consideration beginners and experienced canoeists. No one should spend it.

Of course, safety vests are always on board. Regulation is a requirement !

This tour should also be discussed at the beginning of the holiday.

The river sometimes has too much water – but it can also have too little water.

Catching the optimal time – the Ingo knows very well …

like the last Mohican.

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Tomorrow, after the canoe trip – how about an inflatable tour?

Information about inflatable boat tours in Chedabucto Bay – here —>

Inflatable Tours Chedabucto Bay

The equipment comes from MARLIN

Orderable also in Germany.
Ingo Vollmer sells waterproof transport cases from Explorer Cases.
HPA backpacks for hiking tours and more.
More info ? – Just click on the picture !

MARLIN Equipment, Explorer Cases, HPA Backpacks

Nach der Kanufahrt – wie wär es mit einem Saunagang in der Vipilogde ?

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