Two paths lead to the Cabot Trail

Left or right along Bras D’Or Lake.

We start early in the morning, right after sunrise

If you drive to the left, from the Vipilodge via Louisdale or Port Hawkesbury, drive along the Trans Atlantik Highway at Bras D’Or Lake and you can choose on this route:

drive around on the left: clockwise,then drive to the Cabot Trail via Margret Forks,

or: counterclockwise,then first comes to Baddeck.

PS: Whether you drive clockwise or counterclockwise – it’s up to you.

The length of the route remains the same. Ask two other guests which of them is the nicer route …

– there will always be two different answers.

Thank God none of them are wrong.

But now on to Baddeck:

Baddeck, a beautiful small marina town,

with great downtown and a chic waterfront.

There is also the Graham Bell Museum.

In fact, the inventor of the phone comes from Cape Breton, Canada.

On the “Flaniermeile” you will find the Highwheeler Cafe.

There you can stock up with a trail lunch package if you have nuptled at home.

And then it can go on – on to the Cabot Trail …

PS: Baddeck is definitely worth seeing. A little more tourists than in other places, but still as everywhere, pleasant atmosphere. In summer there are many actions. The city is nicknamed Festiville.

If you want to visit the museum, you should definitely choose the place Baddeck as a day tour and start to the Cabot Trail only the next day.

On the west bank of Bras d’Or Lake lies the small chic village of Baddeck.

There is the alexander Graham Bell Museum.

Well-kept marine yacht harbour, waterfront.

To the official website above Baddeck please click on the next picture:

Bathdeck Lighthouse

To the Cabot Trail via North Sydney – here it goes long –>