• Diving in Chedabucto Bay

Ingo Vollmer | The Diver & UW Photographer

Experience the adventure of diving in the breathtaking nature of Canada.

Seals, Chedabucto Bay Nova Scotia

Diving in the Atlantic Ocean off Nova Scotia

Coral reefs can anyone – Nova Scotia is for cool divers!

Ahoi to all passionate divers

Didn’t you always want to dive in Canada?

Ingo Vollmer Kelp PhotographyWith Ingo Vollmer you can tackle this real adventure in a relaxed way.

He has been known in diving circles for over 40 years.

As a diving instructor in all destinations of the world on the road and known.

Here in the Vipilodge he has his own personal dive center.

Here you can borrow everything. Simply ask and vote on what to take with you on the plane – and what is on site here.

With a 150 hp solid keel hose boat he has various tours in the program.

Professional UW cameras and UW Light from Keldan & Kraken are always on board.

Simply ask in advance – so that he is also on site and can plan and organize the dives.

Adventure Diving – Ingo Vollmer
, one of the few who knows in Cape Breton all destinations on, above and under water !

Book your dive charter in the Vipilodge at Ingo Vollmer

Wreck Diving – Lobster – Kelp – Moonfish.

Not only for Vipilodge guests.

All diving enthusiasts and diving holidaymakers from Nova Scotia are welcome.

Short-term enquiries from Canada, please call directly: 001 902 226 1507

Diving Charter Vipilodge Ingo Vollmer

Marlin Diving Enterprises Canada website:

Marlin Marine Diving Enterprises, Canada

Adventure diving at Arrow Wreck

Wreck of the Arrow

This wreck is one of the most beautiful artificial reefs in the North Atlantic.

It lies upright, on a flat stone ground in max. 27 m depth.

Superstructures reach up to 7 m and can be seen from the water surface with good visibility.

The 160 m long ship sank in 1970 and was broken into two parts.

Adventure Diving, Fox Island Westsite

Fox Island Westsite

This small island is 75 minutes from Janvrins Steg.

Moonfish, dolphins and whales are often observed on the way to this dive site.

Protected in a small bay of the island are colonies of red soft coral.

Cod and large swarms of mackerel are often observed here.

Dive, Wreck Baleine

Wreck of the Baleine

The Baleine is a beautiful little wreck with a length of about 40 meters.

It lies upright on a ground at a depth of max. 23 meters.

At the bow there are still both anchors, cheeky cliff-bass look into the mask of the divers and often one meets sea ravens in different colors.

Diving in Cape Breton

An unforgettable experience!

Diving in Nova Scotia, forest cove

Forest Cove

This sheltered dive site is an ideal area for beginners and experienced divers.

On the flat sandy ground you can often find nail rays, moon snails and monkfish.

Large lobsters live in the shore area, hidden by the thick kelp growth.

The beautiful beach invites you to swim and sunbathe between the dives.

Adventure Diving, Kelp at Crid Island

Crid Island

This dive site allows for land and boat dives.

One side of the island is densely covered with laminaria, in which all kinds of animals romp.

Large lobsters, rays and eels live here and with a little luck you can discover a delicate seahorse.

Especially for photographers and filmmakers a real “overwater treat”.

Adventure Diving, Wreck Diving, Cerberus Rock

Cerberus Rock

At a distance of about 400 meters from the stern, lies the bow of the Arrow.

Both imposing anchors are still in their place.

The dimensions of the former tanker are impressive, especially when looking at a clear view.

The nearby Cerberus Rock was doomed by the ship at the time.

Interest in diving holidays in the Vipilodge

1 + 6 = ?

Moonfish in Nova Scotia – Summer 2019 !

Mondfish in der Chedabucto BAy Moonfish Nova Scotia

In the middle of it – and live with Dirk Steffens & Terra X.

A special experience 2018 for the Vipilodge team and Ingo Vollmer were the filming of Terra X for the documentary broadcast:

“Canada: The Blessing of the Cold”. First broadcast: February 2019

Terra-X, Dirk Steffens, Ingo Vollmer, Vipilodge

Ingo Vollmer Dive, Terra-X
Lobster catch with Dirk Steffens, Terra-X

Whale Watching Tour at Pleasant Bay on the Cabot Trail.

If you are interested, please visit this website:

Whale Watching Tour ? – Our tip: Captain Mark’s


Adventure Diving Canada, Ingo Vollmer