• Vipilodge Family

The Vipilodge team is here for you !

How did it start? – Who is there for you ? The Vipilodge family !

A family business for over 30 years

What the father built, the son continues.

The Vipilodge family – this is how it began:

Arthur Vollmer
*9.3.1930 T 26.12.2012
was the owner of the Vipilodge. He was the technician and hobbyist and sometimes the entertainer.
He spoke German, English and Baden.

Maria Vollmer
is responsible for the kitchen, accommodation and accounting.

She is the “secret boss.”
Maria speaks German and English, often also Baden.

Ingo Vollmer
guaranteed for safe dives, takes care of all “diving” matters and brings the divers to the best dive sites here in Chedabucto Bay.

Sundowner tours with him are the “highlight”, the icing on the cake here on Vollmer’s Island.

He advises divers and photographers and arranges excursions.

Ingo speaks English, French and German.

Arthur, Maria & Ingo Vollmer

Arthur’s message: Every human being should be a bit crazy.

If he is not, he will miss much of his life.

Greetings from Arthur Vollmer:

My whole life was planned – every month, all year.

It has to be when you run a company and do business. I also planned my private life. Maria – my wife – was also always integrated into my work (and company). We worked and planned everything together.

When I first came to Nova Scotia, Canada, that was 1981 (in winter), I was already planning to change my life.

At the time, I said, “Canada, this is my country, that’s where I want to live.” It took me 7 years to realize this.

We sold everything in Germany and built a holiday paradise (VIPILODGE) in the south of Cape Breton Island.

I designed and built a holiday resort with maximum peace, convenience and private atmosphere for our guests.

Living here – on a peninsula – should be the ideal case of isolating oneanother from the hectic world around us.

The log cabins I built are designed for 2 people. In the houses you can do without TV and internet.

You can enjoy the sounds of nature. The leaves in the wind, the chirping of the birds or the absolute silence of the night.

Slow Down Living – that’s how we do it here, from the beginning.

Vipilodge logo 1988

One guest wrote in our guestbook:

“Where do you hear so much nothing”

We have forgotten many things in nature because we are in pursuit of modern life and business and did not notice the “around us”.

Here in Cape Breton you have the opportunity to change your life for a short time. Be creative, play a game, read a book, walk on our short but interesting forest path or stay in bed and dream.

Here you will find the opportunity.
Be our guest and enjoy our little paradise.

Arthur Vollmer.

It has to be fun …

… so arthur said it, did & wanted !

Dear friends, Christmas 2012 has left us Arthur for another paradise.

We mourn for him, but we also know that he is in his “Vollmer’s Paradise” will live on earth. Whether our guests were with us for a day or several weeks – everyone took fond memories of the Vipilodge with them, and that was above all Arthur’s merit.

He was a gifted storyteller, his sense of humour was irresistible. Who doesn’t remember at least one funny episode?

So he used to pick up our guests with a small golf bowl at the barrier.

A “Follow me” sign at the rear not only ensured that they did not get lost on the way to their hut, but also, because Arthur always thought practically at the same time, for a first smile at the beginning of the holiday.

Vollmers Island Paradise

Arthur was the heart of our business.

His handwriting remains recognizable forever.

Who doesn’t remember the singing fish in the restaurant that read “Don’t worry, be happy”?

Arthur spoke three languages – German, English and, he insisted, that was important to him – Baden. He was an engineer by his very own, a masterful and restless tinkerer, craftsman, inventor and creator.
No square meter in his “paradise”, no hut, no jetty, no shed and certainly no place in the house, where he would not have put his own hand on and thought about where and how something could be improved or rebuilt.

His recipe for a fulfilling life was as simple as it was ingenious. “It has to be fun,” he used to say in Baden, “if it doesn’t make a mood, it doesn’t make sense.” But above all, he loved to share his dream of this “paradise” with others.

With Arthur’s progress, a chapter in Vollmers Island Paradise has now come to an end. We are creating a new one and will continue his paradise in its sense.

Arthur was the heart of our business. His love for details and his sympathy for his guests will continue to characterize our lodge in the future.

Paradise is here, Vipilodge Arthur Vollmer

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