A day in the holiday paradise

The Vipi Lodge log cabins

The Vipi Lodge (Vollmers Island Paradise Inc. – Cape Breton Nova Scotia)

is located south of Cape Breton Island on the Janvrin Island peninsula.

The stay on our 122,000 sqm area is the starting point for a wonderful holiday in Canada.

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and the Cabot Trail.

Here begins the journey.

vipi lodge janvrin island, cape breton

Dive from the lobster …

… to the sundowner in the forest sauna.

Take a break, read a book …

… or get on the road with a bike or kayak.

Hiking, diving – experience Canada – in real time!

Vacation planning …

… can be that easy!


Hiking, Hiking in Cape Breton …

Enjoy the special experience!


Diving in its original form …

Pure adventure – accompanied by Ingo Vollmer.

Boat trips

Holidays in Canada means experiencing nature …

Boat trips around Isle Madame!


Kayaking or standup paddling …

Lots of outdoor activities!


Mountain bike rental with haul service …

Small hills and wonderful landscapes!

Highland National Park

The spectacular National Park in Nova Scotia …

… one of the most beautiful in Canada, very close to us!

Sunset Tour

The sunset at sea …

Unset Tours – an unforgettable holiday memory!


On to the last adventure playgrounds …

… for divers! Expedition to Vancouver Island and more!

Aktiv Urlaub Nova Scotia, Janvrin Island

Come to Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

Discover the fascination of Canada, Vipi Lodge,

with your sports and leisure activities during your Canada vacation.