Selected dive sites in Nova Scotia

Coming soon to see Terra X – starting point Vipi Lodge.

In the middle of it – and live – with Dirk Steffens & Terra X.

A special experience for the Vipi Lodge Team in 2018 was the filming of Terra X for the upcoming show:

“Canada: The blessing of the cold”. Broadcast February 2019

More about this in the extra contribution with the “Under Water Team”:

Oliver Roetz, Dirk Steffens & Ingo Vollmer

And now to our current diving tours:

arrow wrack, tauchen, Ingo Vollmer, Vipi Lodge

Wreck of the Arrow

This wreck is one of the most beautiful artificial reefs in the North Atlantic.

It lies upright, on a flat stone ground in max. 27 m depth.

Structures reach up to 7 m and can be seen from the water surface with good visibility.

The 160 m long ship has sunk in 1970 and broken into 2 parts.

Fox Island Westsite

Fox Island West Site

This small island is 75 minutes from Janvrin’s jetty.

On the way to this dive site often moonfish, dolphins and whales are observed.

Protected in a small bay of the island are colonies of red soft coral.

Cods and large mackerel swarms are often observed here.

wrack baleine, tauchen mit Ingo Vollmer

Wreck of the Baleine

The Baleine is a beautiful little wreck with a length of about 40 meters.

It lies upright on ground at a depth of max. 23 meters.

At the bow are still two anchors, cheeky rockfish look the divers in the mask and often you will meet hawks in different colors.

Diving in Cape Breton

forest cove, Ingo Vollmer

Forest Cove

This sheltered dive site is an ideal area for beginners as well as experienced divers.

On the flat sandy bottom you will often find nails, moon snails and monkfish.

The lobster area is home to large lobsters, hidden by the thick kelp vegetation.

The beautiful beach invites you to swim and sunbathe between dives.

crid island, Ingo Vollmer

Crid Island

This dive site allows land and boat dives.

One side of the island is densely covered with laminaria, in which all kinds of animals romp about.

Big lobsters, rays and eels live here and with a bit of luck you can discover a filigree seahorse.

Especially for photographers and filmmakers a real “Water delicacy”.

Cerberus Rock, Ingo Vollmer

Cerberus Rock

At a distance of about 400 meters from the stern, lies the bow of the Arrow.

Both imposing anchors are still in their place.

Impressive are the dimensions of the former tanker, especially when visibility is clear.

The nearby Cerberus Rock was the ship at the time of fate.

Wrack tauchen mit Ingo Vollmer in Cape Breton

Diving adventure in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Dive down to selected dive sites with Ingo Vollmer.
The wreck of the Arrow, Crid Island, Cerberus Rock.

Whale Watching Tour in Pleasant Bay.
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